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The Central Tax Service reported details of the action of “ideological guest workers” from the Russian Federation in the Donetsk region

At the instigation of the Russian so-called “authorities”, booths in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine do not stop, in which “guest performers”, sent from various regions of the terrorist state, participate, while absolute inappropriateness is recorded, and sometimes it’s strange to invite such “artists.”

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About the purpose for which the occupiers brought students from the Republic of Sakha/Yakutia (subject of the Russian Federation) to the temporarily occupied part of our country, writes NBN “, referring to the material of the Center for National Resistance (CNS).

As it became known, in the city of Dokuchaev in the Donetsk region, the Russians not long ago held a “relevant” and very peculiar “concert” friendship with Yakutia”, for which they brought in an entire delegation from the “Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts”, geographically located in the city of Yakutsk.

In addition, to generate appropriate reporting to curators from the Kremlin, the invaders actually forced local youth to take part in organizing a joint concert with “Yakut shamans”, at which traditional Russian narratives regarding “one people” and the “liberation war” in Ukraine were heard as usual.

Previously we wrote about why the “authorities” on HERE block Ukrainians’ access to Google services.

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