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The “check” will drag on for another 14 days: Russian investigators have come up with a new reason not to hand over Navalny’s body

On February 16, the Russian Federation announced the death of politician Alexei Navalny in a colony. So far, investigators have not released the body of Putin’s personal enemy to his mother and do not plan to do so for another two weeks, allegedly to conduct a “chemical examination.”

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Press secretary of the oppositionist Kira Yarmysh X wrote on her page on the social network that Russian investigators still refuse to hand over Navalny’s body to his mother and lawyers, NBN reports.

According to the politician’s representative, investigators said that they would not hand over the oppositionist’s body to another 14 days, allegedly during this period a “chemical examination” will be carried out.

Yarmysh is convinced that the aggressor country wants to hide the traces of the murder of Putin’s personal enemy, so they are deliberately delaying the release of his body to his relatives. She added that the “chemical examination,” which will allegedly take two weeks, — mockery and outright lies.

Recall that representatives of the Russian media asked Speaker Putin to comment on the issue of releasing Navalny’s body to his mother. Dmitry Peskov spoke about the investigation into the circumstances of the death of the personal enemy of the Kremlin dictator.

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