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The cost of “utilities” in 2024: the Rada told what will happen to tariffs for gas, electricity and heat

Not so long ago, the Ministry of Energy convinced that the energy department does not plan to raise electricity prices to 6 hryvnia/one kilowatt-hour, and now it has become known whether to expect an increase in other utility tariffs.

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About the fact that the tariffs for housing and communal services in our country will not be adjusted, at least least until the heating season ends, since there is still a moratorium prohibiting increases in tariffs for “blue fuel” and heating services, NBN writes, citing a statement by the head of the parliamentary committee on energy and housing and utilities issues (“ communal apartments”) by Andrei Gerus, aired during the telethon “United News” on the YouTube channel “TSN”.

According to Gerus, last year the Cabinet of Ministers had already raised tariffs for electricity, which made it possible to accumulate enough funds for carrying out repair work at energy infrastructure facilities.

However, the first deputy head of the above-mentioned Rada committee, Alexey Kucherenko, believes that the tariffs for electricity, gas, heat supply and water consist of several components, but in general, The pricing structure is tied to the cost of various types of fuel, and therefore “it is necessary to analyze each tariff separately.”

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the expert predicted when Ukrainians should expect an increase in tariffs for everything types of “communal apartments”.

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