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The Danish Ministry of Defense announced the timing of providing Ukraine with the first F-16s, specifying the conditions

The “Air Coalition”, which ensures the expansion of the potential of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, was formed within the framework of the US-led “Contact Group on the Defense of Ukraine”, and initially aimed at sending multirole F-16 fighters to our country, but the process is ongoing postponed.

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The fact that intensive work is currently underway to prepare Ukraine to receive the first Danish F-16 fighters no later than summer, writes NBN, citing the official page of the Danish Ministry of Defense.

According to the head of the Danish Ministry of Defense, Troels Lund Poulsen, it is now difficult to talk about a fixed schedule for sending F-16s to Ukraine, since additional conditions have arisen that must be resolved before the Ukrainian Armed Forces can use the transferred aircraft.

In particular, Ukrainian pilots and related domestic support technical personnel should complete the full training course, and Ukraine should create the necessary logistics and corresponding infrastructure not later than summer, and not spring, as foreign media previously reported .

Earlier, our news portal reported that Stoltenberg was talking about whether Ukrainian F-16 pilots would be allowed to strike targets in the Russian Federation.

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