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The doctor explained the dangers of uncontrolled vitamin D intake

ByJohn Newman

May 14, 2024

Endocrinologist and nutritionist Ekaterina Tolstikova said that uncontrolled intake of vitamins is harmful to health. The doctor explained why everyone who wants to can’t drink vitamin D, in particular, and how to determine the norm.

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The doctor explained the dangers of uncontrolled vitamin D intake

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In her blog on Instagram, the doctor said that vitamin D should be taken only if there are indications for it. You should not drink it constantly or take it in large doses, informs NBN.

According to Tolstikova, vitamin D does not cure anything, but conditionally reduces the complications of existing diseases. To know exactly your indicators, you need to get tested.

As the endocrinologist explained, if you have a deficiency, taking vitamin D will improve the situation, if it is normal or surplus, the situation will worsen, that is, in two out of three cases, uncontrolled intake of vitamin will have a negative impact on health.

The nutritionist said that theoretically everyone needs to check this indicator, but there are risk groups for whom this is extremely necessary: ​​people who spend very little time in the sun have problems with intestinal absorption, so who have obesity, osteoporosis or increased skin pigmentation.

Also, the test should be taken by those people who take drugs that accelerate the breakdown of vitamin D.

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