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The EU Ambassador to Austria predicted the timing of Ukraine’s integration into the European Union

Head of the European Commission Representative Office in Austria Martin Sellmeier spoke about the timing of Ukraine’s integration into the European Union. According to the ambassador, this process will take our country at least six years.

Photo – EPA

In an interview with the Austrian publication Kleine Zeitung, the Ambassador of the European Union predicted the timing of Ukraine's entry into the organization. He told how long it took some countries to integrate into the EU, NBN reports.

According to Sellmeier, Austria took six years to become a member of the association of countries, and Spain took eleven years to join the European Union . The official believes that Ukraine “may be somewhere in between.”

The head of the European Commission’s representative office in Austria drew attention to the fact that Kyiv has already implemented 70% of the organization’s legislation, thanks to the Association Agreement. At the same time, as the ambassador noted, Ukraine still has work to do to join the European Union. In particular, the country needs to regulate the independence of the judicial system and the efficiency of governance.

Recall that EU leaders postponed making a decision on allocating 50 billion in aid from the organization to Kyiv. Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that this is not due to Hungary’s veto, but to another reason.

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