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The European Parliament called on EU countries not to recognize Putin as the legitimate president of Russia

The European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it condemned the holding of “elections of the President of the Russian Federation” in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and called not to recognize the head of the Kremlin as the legitimate president.

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The European Parliament resolution, adopted by 493 votes, notes that the Putin regime in the aggressor country illegally sought extend his stay in power, NBN reports.

The resolution document notes that this is evidenced by the abolition of restrictions in the Russian Federation on the number of presidential terms. In addition, the holding of pseudo-elections in temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories confirms the anti-democratic and authoritarian nature of the political system of the terrorist state.

The European Parliament condemned the holding of “elections” in the aggressor country and the occupied regions of Ukraine, and also called on EU members to After the expiration of the term of office of Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin on May 7, do not recognize him as the head of the Russian Federation.

Recall that the head of the German Defense Ministry Boris Pistorius compared Putin to Hitler. The Berlin representative called on the allies to prepare for an attack by Russian troops.

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