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The Finnish Ministry of Internal Affairs explained why they do not intend to open the border with the Russian Federation until mid-April

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Finland, Marie Rantanen, said that the country will not open land border crossings with a terrorist state until mid-spring. According to the official, the actions of the Russian Federation force Helsinki to make an appropriate decision.

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The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Finland said that checkpoints on the border with the aggressor country will be closed until April 14. According to the official, the Russian Federation continues its hybrid operation against migrants, NBN reports with reference to the Kreschatic publication.

The Minister noted that Helsinki does not see any signs that the neighboring state is changing its behavior. In addition, the government is receiving information that this is a long-term situation.

Rantanen said that the country's leadership understands that citizens are concerned about the closure of the border with a terrorist state, in particular people who have families in the Russian Federation. However, Finland has to make an appropriate decision based on national security.

Recall that the head of the Finnish government in his New Year's address spoke about security problems in Europe due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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