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The first meeting during a full-scale war: Zelensky convenes a meeting of deputies of the Servant of the People faction

The guarantor of the Constitution of the Ukrainian state, Vladimir Zelensky, tomorrow, February twenty-first, will convene the first meeting with parliamentarians from the Servant of the People faction since the full-scale invasion. Further in the material about what the president and deputies intend to discuss at this meeting.

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As NBN reports, sources in the Servant of the People faction told Ukrayinska Pravda about this “.

According to the source, since last year the faction has been asking the Supreme Commander-in-Chief for such a meeting, but Zelensky did not have time for this.

During the meeting, the parties intend to discuss in general situation in Ukraine. There is no specific topic there.

In the factional chat, parliamentarians are now voting on questions that will be asked to the President of Ukraine. And those ten who get the most votes will be assigned to Zelensky.

Recall that we previously wrote that Zelensky commented on the situation on the border with Poland.

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