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The head of NVIDIA announced the emergence of video games entirely generated by AI: when will this happen?

ByJohn Newman

Mar 27, 2024

The process of creating games in real time is associated with the speed of rendering and texture rasterization, that is, it is directly dependent on the hardware component, and now even almost the most powerful RTX 4090 video cards from NVIDIA cannot cope with content generation.

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The head of NVIDIA announced the appearance of video games entirely generated by AI: when will this happen

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About  The fact is that the appearance of the first video games created by artificial intelligence (AI) remains to wait a little less than 10 years, since experts are already closer to the formation of a world in which every pixel can be generated in real time, writes NBN, referring to a statement by the head of NVIDIA Jensen Huang, published by Tom's Hardware.

According to Huang, literally in 5 years, users, apparently, for the first time will find themselves right in the center of a video game that will begin to change in ;real time. In addition, this progress will be possible due to the fact that NVIDIA over the past two years has been intensively moving in this not only entertaining, but also an absolutely innovative direction, no matter how you look at it.

Jensen Huang emphasized:

So I would say that within the next 5-10 years, around that time , this will mostly happen then.

Earlier we wrote about that a leading machine created by AI has started work in Ukraine.


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