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The head of the British Ministry of Defense called on Europe to step up and allocate more funds for Ukraine

The head of the United Kingdom's defense department, Grant Shapps, made a statement that Europe needs to step up as quickly as possible to provide Ukraine with more funding.

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As NBN reports, Shapps made such a statement on the BBC with Laura Künsberg. The Guardian also writes about this.

The UK Ministry of Defense also added that Europe needs to “step up” as quickly as possible and provide Ukraine with more funding.

Verbatim from Shapps’ statement:

Europe needs to step up and make its contribution to make sure that the Ukrainian state has the ability to defend itself. Again  the UK is in the lead with a package of 2.5 billion pounds sterling and an agreement on security, as well as cooperation with Zelensky and Ukraine.

From now on, not only the States, but also Europe must step up and do their part , to be convinced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are capable of protecting their own.

According to Shapps, on the social network X (formerly Twitter, — ed.) in his note he noted , that Great Britain has increased its support for Ukraine to a record level, while simultaneously opposing the Houthis.

Recall that we previously wrote about the meeting between Kuleba and the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, Szijjártó.

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