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The head of the Pentagon was diagnosed with cancer: how Lloyd Austin feels now and will he return to work

Employees of one of the medical institutions in the States discovered that Pentagon head Lloyd Austin had oncology. The head of the United States Defense Department underwent surgery.

Washington announced progress Ukrainian Armed Forces at the front. Photo –

As NBN reports with reference to a post by Politico correspondent on the social network X Lara Seligman, doctors discovered cancer in the head of the US Department of Defense. Austin was operated on.

According to the information provided by doctors, prostate cancer in Lloyd Austin was discovered in early December 2023. On December 22, he underwent a “minimally invasive surgical procedure to treat cancer called a prostatectomy.” Lloyd Austin's initial examination revealed a urinary tract infection. As a result, he was hospitalized, and on January 2, it was decided to transfer him to the intensive care unit for careful care, as well as an increased level of observation.

As far as is known, American leader Biden, as well as Austin’s deputy, learned about the hospitalization of the head The Pentagon only three days later. At the same time, such secrecy is contrary to the usual American practice with the President and other US officials and members of the government.

Interestingly, Lloyd Austin himself announced on January 7 that he had already recovered and was looking forward to returning to the Pentagon with great impatience .

As is known, Austin previously stated that Ukraine in the coming years will be able to repel Russian aggression.

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