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The IDF said it had eliminated “almost all” Iranian missiles and kamikaze drones during the April 14 attack (video)

On the night of Sunday, April 14, Iran launched an attack on Israel, launching hundreds of UAVs and missiles, allegedly because the Iranian consulate in Syrian Damascus was subjected to an Israeli airstrike on April 1.

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Oh that is, almost the entire Iranian “massive swarm”, consisting of more than 200 kamikaze drones, as well as cruise/ballistic missiles, was successfully “grounded” by the Israeli air defense system with the participation of the forces of allied states (at least the UK and the USA), writes NBN, citing a statement by the representative of the Defense Forces (IDF), Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, published by the BBC.

According to Hagari, dozens of enemy targets were shot down while approaching Israeli territory. However, due to the fall of debris from several Iranian missiles, one of the Israeli military facilities was slightly damaged (according to local media reports, we are talking about a military base in the Negev Desert in the southern part of Israel).

Counter- the admiral summarized:

The operation has not yet been completed. Our aircraft continue to intercept targets.

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