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The Insider revealed the occupiers' aviation losses from “friendly fire” from Russian air defense

Investigators from The Insider calculated the losses of aviation of the “second army of the world” as a result of “friendly fire” from the air defense of the aggressor country during the period of a full-scale war.

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The Insider journalists note that the “demilitarization” of the Mi helicopter -24 occupiers of the air defense of the Russian Armed Forces off the coast of Crimea on April 10 – this is at least the 13th case of losses of invaders’ aircraft as a result of “friendly fire”.

According to the publication, more than half of such incidents occurred earlier this year, informs “NBN.”

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, according to media estimates, the air defense of the aggressor country has been “minus”: 4 Su-35 multirole fighters, 3 Su-34 fighter-bombers, 2 long-range radar aircraft detection and control of the A-50U, 1 Su-27 multi-role fighter, 1 Mi-8 airborne transport helicopter and 1 Mi-24 multi-role helicopter.

As the publication clarifies, after a Russian air defense strike on the invaders’ air command post Il-22M11 managed to land it. At the same time, photographs of the damage to the bomber indicate that the invaders will need a lot of time to repair the aircraft.

Earlier, the Russian publication “Verstka” revealed the losses of military transport aviation of Putin’s troops since the beginning of a full-scale war.

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