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The Main Intelligence Directorate revealed the purpose of the Russian Federation’s “stuffing” about Ukraine’s use of Western weapons in Africa

The intelligence services of the aggressor country, due to the weakening of the positions of the Russian Federation and controlled forces in Africa, are preparing a number of information special operations against Ukraine related to the allegedly illegal trafficking of weapons provided by Western partners.

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NBN writes about the fact that Moscow will try to fabricate charges against Ukrainian special forces regarding the use of foreign-made weapons during combat operations on the territory of the Republic of Sudan, citing the Facebook profile of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

To carry out a disinformation campaign, the “mouthpieces of the Kremlin” can publish in the media space, in particular in Libya, a series of custom-made publications, including footage of “captured” weapons of American origin, most captured by the “Wagnerites” in the war in Ukraine.

The GUR emphasized that the purpose of such publications is to discredit Ukraine and its allied countries, that is, accusing Western partners of uncontrolled arms trafficking with the participation of Kiev.

In addition, from -due to religious holidays continuing in the Muslim countries of Africa, the special services of the Russian Federation were forced to compile the required “photo evidence” on the territory of Belarus.

Thus, in fact, Ukraine does not cease to act exclusively within the framework of the norms international law and the UN Charter, respecting the sovereignty of all states, and not having a direct relationship to any illegal actions related to illegal arms trafficking.

We previously wrote about the fact that  The GUR told how the Russians intended to use the Serpukhov ship.

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