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The Mariupol City Council showed how the occupying “authorities” of the city are actually “restoring” residential buildings

ByJohn Newman

Jan 6, 2024

The occupiers predictably shape the public opinion of Russian society by showing ideal images of a “revived” Mariupol, but in reality, local residents have to huddle in dilapidated apartments.

City Council Mariupol showed how the occupying “authorities” of the city are actually “restoring” residential buildings

Photo – t.me/mariupolrada

About how, in the territory of a temporarily occupied city, the occupation administrations create the illusion of repairing houses, restoring only facades, while in residential buildings everything remains in an almost disrepair, writes NBN, citing the Telegram channel of the Mariupol City Council .

In particular, behind the front part of the houses there is a cruel reality hidden – inside the high-rise buildings, virtually no repairs have been carried out and the communication systems have not been replaced. However, it is in this form that houses are rented out, claiming that they are completely “ready for life.”

For example, in one such “renovated” house located on Ave. Mira, 42 there has already been a breakthrough in internal communications, and the “beautiful façade” has been flooded with a stream of water.

Previously we wrote about that they are planning to hold a Russian propaganda exhibition about the “revival” of Mariupol in Italian Modena.


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