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The media found out when and why Blinken will warn China about “punitive measures” from the US

During his visit to China, scheduled for April 24-26, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will issue a warning to Beijing regarding the introduction of a number of “punitive measures” by Washington.

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About the fact that the above-described penalties against Beijing will be immediately introduced if China continues to supply Moscow with military technologies and developments of “ambiguous purposes,” writes NBN, referring to  materials from the Financial Times and Bloomberg.

As it became known, both the White House and partner countries are becoming “increasingly irreconcilable” due to China’s regular refusals to stop supplying “dual-use” technologies to the terrorist state ”, supporting the potential of the Russian Federation in restoring the defense industrial base: we are talking about various electronics/equipment, from microchips to engines for cruise missiles.

In addition, other G7 member states informed Washington – they will also either raise an identical issue with China, or they have already done this.

We previously wrote that the Pentagon reported the likely timing of sending air defense systems and ATACMS missiles to Ukraine.

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