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The media found out why Konoplyanka was forced to leave CFR-Cluj

ByJohn Newman

Jan 3, 2024

In the recent “football campaign”, our athlete came on as a substitute no more than four times, playing a total of about 50 minutes, while he cannot boast of any effective actions for the Romanian club, and, perhaps, became known additional factors that led to the unambiguous decision to leave.

The media found out why Konoplyanka was forced to leave CFR-Cluj

Photo – ua-football.com

About the fact that the Ukrainian winger of the Romanian CFR-Cluj Evgeniy Konoplyanka left the squad team, terminating the contractual agreements in accordance with the mutual consent of the interested parties, however, there are several nuances, NBN writes, citing the Tribune’s material.

As it became known, the 34-year-old football player was able to leave from this team, since the term of his agreement was calculated only until the end of the season – Konoplyanka “joined” CFR-Cluj last summer, as a free foreign player transferred by the Polish Cracovia.

However, there are some important subtleties: Konoplyanka himself stated that he asked his agent to help resolve the difficult situation in the club (the players were sent on winter leave, delaying the payment of fees for 3 months), including the fact that he “doesn’t see a future with the head coach of CFR Cluj.”

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