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The media found out why the delivery schedule for F-16 fighters from Denmark to Ukraine is being shifted to a later date

ByJohn Newman

Jan 6, 2024

It was assumed that during the current year, Denmark will send 14 F-16 combat aircraft to Ukraine, and from 2025 – 5 more, however, it turned out that “small” delays are possible.

The media learned why the delivery schedule for F-16 fighters from Denmark to Ukraine is being delayed

Photo – reuters.com

On the fact that the supply of American F-16 fighters by Denmark to Ukraine is somewhat delayed, writes NBN, citing material from the Danish publication Berlingske.

In particular, journalists, citing The Danish Defense Ministry is informed that a number of requirements have not yet been fulfilled to allow Ukraine to move on to the proper operation of the transferred combat aircraft. According to preliminary information, it was expected that Ukraine would receive the first batch of 6 American fighters immediately after the New Year, but at this stage the delivery schedule has shifted and the shipment has been postponed to the 2nd quarter of 2024 .

At the same time, representatives of the Danish Ministry of Defense explain that among the factors that provoked this delay are the training time of Ukrainian pilots, the schedule is related to the condition of aircraft and weather conditions, as well as ensuring formation in Ukraine ” the necessary material and technical base and infrastructure.”

Earlier, our news portal reported that a military expert told what would be required for the F-16 fighter to operate effectively against Russian Kinzhals.


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