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The media reported the consequences of the attack on the Russian command base in Lugansk for the occupiers

Western journalists claim that the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the command base of the occupying ground forces in Lugansk with cruise missiles. This shelling will be a heavy blow for the invaders.

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The British TV channel Sky News, citing its own sources, said that the Ukrainian Defense Forces attacked the headquarters of the ground forces of Putin’s army in Lugansk with Storm Shadow cruise missiles, NBN reports.

According to the source , a blow to the command base of the Russian Armed Forces is a heavy blow for the “liberators,” since the loss of the headquarters will affect the ability of the Russians to lead their forces in the region.

The journalists explained that the troops of the aggressor country rely on a centralized command, therefore the liquidation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces headquarters in temporarily captured Lugansk could paralyze the enemy’s decision-making for the next month.

The media interlocutor also noted that the effective attack of the Defense Forces revealed the limitations of the air defense of Putin’s troops.

Recall that the Russian media reported the loss of personnel of the Russian Armed Forces as a result of a missile attack on Lugansk on April 13.

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