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The media revealed the unknown reason for Johnson's change of position on supporting Ukraine

Thanks to the decision of the Senate, and before that the support of Republicans in the US House of Representatives, Ukraine will soon receive weapons and ammunition, which will help stop the Russian offensive.

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About the fact that Republican Speaker Mike Johnson somewhat shocked both Washington and the countries – allies around the world, since he allowed the House of Representatives to vote for the extension of aid to Ukraine, NBN writes, citing the Financial Times material.

Such a change of position is expected to be a colossal turn for Johnson, who Previously, he repeatedly voted against aid to Ukraine. Thus, the review of the decision is the culmination of a months-long “behind the scenes” campaign carried out by Ukrainian and US intelligence, White House functionaries, European diplomats and the Ukrainian religious diaspora, which ultimately convinced Johnson.

In addition, the circle people close to Johnson claim that the Republican-Trumpist has allegedly long expressed sympathy for the “fate of the Ukrainian people” and has been trying to find a way to satisfy both warring factions within his own party in recent months, but could not do it quickly, because he “lacked clarity.”

We previously wrote about how ISW commented on Shoigu’s threats to intensify strikes on Ukraine in response to US assistance.

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