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The media spoke about Europe's plan to support Ukraine in the event of Trump coming to power in the United States

Leaders of European states are thinking about the scenario of supporting Ukraine in the fight against Russian invaders in case the 45th US President Donald Trump comes to power in America.

The media spoke about Europe's plan to support Ukraine in case Trump comes to power in the United States

Photo – Vincent Alban/Reuters

If the controversial politician Donald Trump leads again The United States and Washington will refuse to help Ukraine, European states intend to continue to support the country in the fight against the Russian Federation, NBN reports with reference to the British edition of The Times.

Journalists, citing an unnamed high-ranking official in the government of the United Kingdom, write that Great Britain and other European states intend to increase weapons production within a year to help Kiev and deter Russian aggression.

The publication’s interlocutor noted that Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin is betting on Trump’s victory in the presidential election. Therefore, in Europe they are thinking about how to supply Ukraine with weapons without America, if the ex-leader of the United States comes to power and “tries to pull the plug.”

According to a senior British official, European leaders realize that the head The Kremlin cannot be allowed to win, since such a scenario poses a serious threat to the security of their countries.

The material notes that some officials in the West have no doubt that Ukraine will be able to retain its territory even if the United States refuses to support it.

Previously, a former adviser to the US Presidential Administration explained why Putin expects Trump to win the presidential election.


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