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The Ministry of Energy announced a “small” increase in electricity tariffs for the population

Not so long ago, the Ministry of Energy warned that if the Russian Federation’s attacks on our country’s energy infrastructure continue, the government will be forced to adjust electricity tariffs for household consumers, as was the case last summer.

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About the fact that in The Ukrainian Energy Department is studying the possibility of changing electricity tariffs for the country's household consumers upward, with one caveat, NBN writes, citing the explanation of Deputy Head of the Ministry of Energy Svetlana Grinchuk, aired during a telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Grinchuk, Ukrainians should prepare—soon the tariff for the population will be “slightly adjusted” so that the Ministry of Energy will be able to at least minimally cover the costs of restoration or repair work at energy system facilities that are now vitally needed due to regular strikes by the Russian Federation.

In addition, the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Energy separately added that such changes do not provide for a full transfer of the population to market electricity tariffs, but all existing compensation mechanisms [subsidies for “utility”] will definitely “be continued, and they will operate in in the further.”

Earlier, we wrote that Centrenergo responded to information about allocating almost 10 billion hryvnia to  protection of Trypillya Thermal Power Plant.

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