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The Ministry of Energy reported under what conditions hourly power outages will be introduced in Ukraine

Ukrainians need to prepare for power outages, but only under certain scenarios.

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About the fact that in Ukraine may return periodic power on/offs if the Russian occupation forces continue to actively carry out massive combined strikes, writes NBN, referring to the statement of the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Energy Svetlana Grinchuk, made on the Telegram channel of Radio Liberty.

Based on Grinchuk’s words, electricity consumption is likely to increase in the summer season due to hot weather conditions the population will begin to use cooling systems, so it is possible to introduce schedules for turning off the “light.”

In addition, power engineers do not stop clearing the rubble at the facilities, assess the condition of the remaining equipment, and try to promptly repair  something that can be restored. However, it is still quite difficult to clearly predict whether shutdowns will be applied, since “massive attacks and additional damage occur almost every day,” but if attacks by the Russian Federation continue, then Ukraine will actually face the introduction of restrictions, then There are consumers who will have access to electricity only “with periodically”.

Earlier, we wrote that Galushchenko assessed the possibility of “blackouts” in Ukraine in in connection with attacks by the Russian Federation on the energy sector .

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