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The Ministry of Justice announced additional restrictions for draft dodgers

The “mobilization” law will come into force on May 18 – starting from this date, all persons liable for military service aged 18-60 years will be required to present military registration documents upon request and update their data in the TCC/SP, or will be subject to a number of penalties, including fines.

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O&nbsp ;that in addition to the ban on driving vehicles, they are preparing to introduce restrictions on the provision of some administrative government services for draft dodgers, writes NBN, citing the explanation of the head of the Ministry of Justice Denis Malyuska, sounded during a telethon on the YouTube channel. TSN.”

According to Malyuska, the government has been preparing the TCC/SP, and all the structures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in general, for a long time for a large influx of people after the “motivation” of the law on mobilization, in particular , transferring the “military registration and enlistment offices” to a 24/7 operating mode.

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers intends to provide additional measures of “stimulation” for those who doubt the need to fulfill their military duty (draft dodgers) in the sense that right now is developing in various departments a series of changes by government regulations, which will introduce the preconditions for “receiving certain administrative services” only after “providing a military registration document.”

Earlier, we wrote about that the lawyer explained whether this would work  “whip methods” introduced by the law on mobilization.

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