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The murder of a Russian pilot in Spain: what Naryshkin and Peskov said about Kuzminov’s death

Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation Sergei Naryshkin and representative of the Presidential Administration Dmitry Peskov commented on the murder in Spain of the Russian pilot Maxim Kuzminov, who cooperated with Ukraine and handed over his helicopter to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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As the Russian propaganda agency writes ” RIA Novosti,” an ally of the Kremlin dictator Naryshkin called Kuzminov a “traitor.” According to the director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the aggressor country, the pilot became a “moral corpse” when he was planning a “crime,” NBN reports.

At the same time, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the murder of the Russian pilot in Spain, called Kuzminov a “defector.” Putin’s spokesman said that the Administration of the Head of State does not have the relevant information and the death of the pilot is not “a matter on the Kremlin’s agenda.”

Earlier, the murder of Russian pilot Maxim Kuzminov in Spain was commented on by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexey Danilov. The official said that Ukraine offered the pilot.

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