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The Navy assessed the effectiveness of the “almost new” defense tactics of the Russian Black Sea Fleet after the attack on Sevastopol

On the morning of Sunday, April 21, explosions occurred in Sevastopol, as a result of which the local “authorities” blocked the Crimean Bridge and tried to put out the fire on the Russian ship hit by a missile attack.

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On the fact that incidents similar to today’s explosions in Sevastopol and will not stop repeating at military infrastructure facilities of the aggressor country on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula, despite all protective measures of the invaders, writes “ NBN”, referring to the statement of the speaker of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (VMS) Dmitry Pletenchuk, heard during the telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Pletenchuk, the actions of the Russians are now being noted, aimed at covering combat units with support vessels from the Black Sea Fleet, which, fundamentally, is some revision of tactics, and a transition to “almost new.”

However, despite all of the above, with  From the point of view of the Navy, one can draw a disappointing conclusion for the occupiers—identical incidents “will continue to happen at the military infrastructure facilities of our enemy in our Crimea.”

Previously, our information portal published a video on ;which you can see how the Russian ship burned in Sevastopol.

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