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The Navy told how the invaders used the ship “Commune” that was hit in Sevastopol

Representative of the Ukrainian Navy Dmitry Pletenchuk told why the Russians used the rescue ship “Commune” of the troops of the aggressor country, which the defenders hit in temporarily captured Sevastopol on Sunday, April 21.

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On the national telethon, the press secretary explained that the ship “Commune” was “demilitarized” in the temporarily captured Sevastopol “was unique. The Liberators used the ship to search for elements of the cruiser Moskva at the site of its sinking, which were of interest to the Russian authorities, NBN reports.

According to Pletenchuk, for this purpose there were underwater drones and the necessary equipment on board the rescue ship equipment. In addition, the Commune corps was supposed to cover combat ships in the harbor of Sevastopol.

A representative of the Ukrainian Navy noted that the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet do not leave their bases, while the Russians are increasing air patrols of the water area to protect from attacks by the Ukrainian Defense Forces, the remnants of its fleet.

Earlier, British intelligence commented on the replacement of the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the aggressor country.

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