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The NBU plans to “untie” the hryvnia exchange rate from the dollar: why and what bankers propose to replace the American currency with

Experts from the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) plan to reconsider the usual approach to evaluating the dollar, abandoning it as the main “exchange rate peg” currency.

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On the fact that such a change can be introduced only if the role of the euro currency in the settlement operations of Ukraine is strengthened, writes NBN, citing the official page of the National Bank Ukraine.

According to the “Council of Oversight Indicators of the Money and Foreign Exchange Markets”, given the fixed growth dynamics of the US dollar, it is necessary to take into account the European integration aspirations of Ukraine, and in the near future raise the issue regarding the transition from  American to European, “as the main currency of the exchange rate peg.”

In addition, bankers came to the following conclusions:

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the expert said that he expected the national currency in 2024 .

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