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The Norwegian Foreign Ministry said that their F-16 fighters will help Ukraine hit deeper into the Russian rear

The head of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bart Eide, is convinced that the multirole F-16 fighters transferred to Oslo will help the Ukrainian Defense Forces to strike deeper in the rear of the terrorist state.

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During the joint briefing with his Ukrainian colleague Dmitry Kuleba, the head of the Norwegian foreign ministry said that Ukraine needs to strengthen its ability to attack enemy targets in its rear, NBN writes with reference to Ukrinform.

According to the Norwegian diplomat, this is one one of the reasons why his country is glad to join the program to provide the Armed Forces with F-16s together with Denmark and the Netherlands.

The Foreign Minister clarified that the combat aircraft will be updated and in good condition. In addition, Ukraine may receive other means for attacks on targets in the rear of the Russian Federation.

Eide added that the appearance of Western aviation in Ukraine will be a tangible contribution to the capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The media previously reported that Greece can send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. Representative of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Ilya Yevlash commented on the journalists’ statement.

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