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The occupiers covered Kherson with heavy fire on January 7: the GVA announced the number of victims

After the year before last de-occupation of the Right Bank of the Kherson region, part of the region is regularly shelled by Putin’s army – the invaders are constantly attacking the civilian population, using heavy weapons, artillery and aviation, and this Sunday was no exception for the soldiers of the terrorist state.

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About the fact that throughout Sunday, the Russian occupation invasion forces have not stopped hitting Kherson, as a result of which there are both dead and wounded among the civilian population, NBN writes, citing information published in ;Telegram channel of the head of the local city military administration Roman Mrochko.

According to Mrochko, during the period of the next attack on Kherson from the positions of the “second army of the world” on the temporarily occupied part of the Left Bank of the Dnieper, the occupiers hit into a residential building: due to a direct hit from an enemy shell, one of the women died, and another one suffered injuries of varying severity.

In addition, according to preliminary data, at least ;2 dead and several wounded local residents.

Earlier, our news portal reported that Ignat denied information about a shortage of air defense missiles in the Ukrainian army, announcing new supplies from Western countries .

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