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The occupiers tried to attribute the sounds of “claps” to the work of air defense: Andryushchenko reported the cause of the explosions in Mariupol

On the afternoon of February 21, in the temporarily captured Mariupol of the Donetsk region, the sounds of “popping” were heard, which the Russians immediately tried to attribute to the work of air defense. Advisor to the mayor Pyotr Andryushchenko reported the real cause of the explosions in the city.

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An official at about 13:00 in his Telegram channel reported that residents of Mariupol heard several powerful explosions. At the same time, the invaders announced the work of air defense in the city, NBN reports.

Later, Andryushchenko wrote that the Ukrainian Defense Forces were not involved in the “claps” in the city, which the “liberators” immediately attributed to air defense . According to the adviser to the city mayor, in the Primorsky district of Mariupol near the Harbor, engineers of the occupiers who intended to repair the railway were blown up.

About 14:30, the official again reported “pops” — explosions occurred in the village of Mirny, Kalmiussky district of Mariupol and promised to reveal the details soon.

Earlier, Andryushchenko said that in the Mariupol region they noticed equipment of the Russian occupation forces with new markings. The mayor's adviser showed a photograph of the invaders' car, which had a new symbol on it.

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