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The OPU revealed the nuances of the security agreement that Ukraine will sign with the United States

Today, April 17, a meeting was held regarding the preparation of a security agreement with the United States, in which, in addition to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine (OPU) Andriy Ermak, foreign officials involved in the implementation of multilateral international agreements between Ukraine and other partner states.

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The fact that the above-described agreement between Washington and Kiev, apparently, will function no worse than the identical memorandum with Jerusalem, writes NBN , referring to Andrey Ermak’s explanation published on the official page of the OPU.

According to Ermak, this agreement will become exemplary, especially taking into account the real capabilities of the United States and a number of the best “strengths” provisions included in previously signed similar guarantees with other countries. In addition, today the question was raised regarding the algorithm of Kyiv’s actions after receiving approval from the US Congress for the extension of military support for Ukraine.

Also, the head of the OPU added that the US agreement with Ukraine will work no worse than “American memorandum with Israel”, which confirmed the effectiveness of joint actions of allied countries during the recent period of countering a large-scale attack by Iran.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the OPU explained Ermak’s statement about Russia’s preparation attack on Kharkov.

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