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The OVA announced a fuel shortage among the occupiers due to the arrival at the oil depot in Lugansk

The head of the Lugansk OVA Artem Lysogor reported that as a result of the attack on an oil depot in the temporarily captured regional center on May 7, fighters of the “second army of the world” were faced with the problem of fuel shortage.

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The head of OVA in his The Telegram channel wrote that the oil depot in Lugansk, which was hit on May 7, burned down only yesterday. As a result of the attack on the enterprise, the Russian invaders were faced with a fuel shortage, NBN reports.

According to the official, the “authorities” of the temporarily occupied city claim that “temporary difficulties” have arisen and promise to solve the problem soon.

The head of the regional military administration noted that in Lugansk, after the arrival, a critical situation had developed at gas stations; the Russians do not know how to solve the issue of delivering petroleum products to the so-called “LPR” and are giving all supplies to the “liberators.”

Recall that on May 7, explosions occurred in Lugansk, and later it became known that a local oil depot had been shelled. The impact also caused a gas pipeline to catch fire. The fire at the enterprise burned for about a day.

Recall that on Thursday, May 9, the Russian Federation complained about a UAV attack on an oil depot in the Krasnodar Territory. Footage of a large-scale fire was published on the Internet.

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