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The Pentagon reported the likely timing of sending air defense systems and ATACMS missiles to Ukraine

Yesterday, April 20, the US House of Representatives voted to provide military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of almost $61 billion, and if this bill is finally approved on April 23, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in addition to air defense, will soon receive long-range ATACMS missiles.

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About the fact that the American defense department is able to send ammunition, air defense systems and similar equipment to Ukraine within a few days after the adoption of the above-described law by the Senate, since the Pentagon has a network of military warehouses both in the USA and ;in Europe, writes NBN, citing a statement by the press secretary of this structure, Major General Pat Ryder, published by the Voice of America.

However, American functionaries did not directly answer what kind of weapon Washington intends to promptly send Kiev as part of the long-awaited military aid package.

However, The New York Times reports that an additional batch of long-range ATACMS missiles could be provided to Ukraine as soon as Precision Strike Missiles (identical ballistic ammunition short-range, developed for the US Army to replace the MGM-140ATACMS) will begin to more actively arrive at Pentagon warehouses from the local defense-industrial complex (only 4 pieces have been shipped so far).

Previously, we  wrote that the ISW called the conditions under which the Ukrainian Armed Forces would turn the tide of the war in the summer.

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