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The PFU explained whether it is possible to change the date or order of payment of pensions

The initial accrual and subsequent payment of pension benefits are made according to pre-approved schedules, and are also based on several factors, primarily the status of the recipient of the funds.

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About the fact that pension benefits in  Ukraine is paid from the 4th to the 25th day of each month, and is it possible for a citizen to independently change the date of receipt of money, writes NBN, referring to the response posted on the official page of the State Pension Fund in Kirovograd region.

As it became known, pension benefits are primarily and permanently credited to certain categories of citizens, in descending order:

In addition, the PFU separately emphasized:

Of course, you can apply to change the method of pension payment [through a bank or Ukrposhta] , but the pension payment date itself cannot be changed at the request of the pensioner.

Earlier, we wrote that the Cabinet of Ministers showed how citizens will be able to “buy” additional experience for assignment of pension.

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