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The PFU explained which citizens need to personally apply for reassignment of the “summer” subsidy

Starting next month, most citizens of Ukraine who previously received a housing subsidy will have this social assistance for the unheated period extended automatically, but not for everyone.

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About the fact that subsidies for the unheated season should be reissued on a personal basis if there are changes in the property status and/or composition of the household, writes NBN, citing on the official page of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU).

In particular, it is necessary to visit the territorial bodies of the PFU if:

The Pension Department added – after submitting such an application for two months from the beginning of the non-heating period, social assistance for ;the “communal apartment” will be assigned from the beginning of this period of time, but not earlier than the day the right to receive it arises.

We previously wrote that the Cabinet of Ministers proposed assigning subsidies differently.

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