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The Prosecutor General's Office announced the possible involvement of the military in the shooting of police officers in the Vinnytsia region (video)

Today, April 20, at about 2 a.m. in the Gaysinsky district of the Vinnytsia region, patrol police stopped a passenger car, during the inspection of which the passengers used firearms against law enforcement officers – one officer was killed and the second was injured.

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Photo – screenshot TG -video.

About the fact that the Vinnytsia Specialized Prosecutor's Office of the Defense Sector of the Southern Region initiated the implementation of procedural guidance in criminal proceedings, in accordance with the facts of encroachment on the lives of law enforcement officers, writes NBN, referring to the official Telegram channel of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

At the moment, the investigative team has completed an inspection of the incident site, seizing a number of material evidence, and at the same time completing a series of urgent actions.

The Office of the Prosecutor General emphasized that the probable participation of two servicemen in the commission of this crime is being checked right now (according to some sources, the execution was carried out by a father and a son).

In addition, a video has appeared on the Internet, recorded by the chest camera of one of the policemen, which can be found below:

We previously wrote about how the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Klimenko reacted to the shooting of law enforcement officers.

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