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The Russian Federation destroyed the center of Velikaya Pisarevka in the Sumy region: the authorities provided details, calling on the population to evacuate

ByJohn Newman

Mar 17, 2024

Not so long ago, the head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration (OVA) Vladimir Artyukh made a statement – in recent days, 800 explosions have occurred in this border region, which is the 6-month “norm” of Russian strikes in the region, and, as it turned out, the terrorist state does not stop attacks.

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The Russian Federation destroyed the center of Great Pisarevka in the Sumy region: authorities reported details, calling on the population to evacuate

Photo – facebook.com

On the fact that Putin’s army actually bombed the central blocks of Bolshaya Pisarevka, located in the Sumy region, writes NBN, referring to the emotional video , published on the Facebook account of the head of the Velikopisarevka community, Lyudmila Biryukova.

According to Biryukova, today, March 17, Russian occupation forces practically razed the center of the village of Velikaya Pisarevka to the ground. That is why every citizen living in this locality needs to quickly draw the appropriate conclusions regarding the value of life and promptly come to the evacuation (announced from 10 o’clock in the morning of this day).

In addition, the official added that services and consultations regarding evacuation measures will be provided by village council specialists in telephone and online format.

We previously wrote about how many kamikaze drones “Shahed” “Ukrainian air defense was shot down on the night of March 17th.


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