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The Russian Federation has changed the tactics of missile attacks on Ukraine: Zhdanov assessed whether the air defense will have enough ammunition to repel attacks

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said that the troops of the Russian Federation changed the tactics of missile attacks on our country, telling which targets the enemy was focusing on attacks on. He also answered whether the Ukrainian air defense will have enough ammunition to repel the attacks of the aggressor.

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Zhdanov said that the Russian invaders are now focusing on shelling warehouses, industrial facilities and the residential sector, hoping to use massive attacks to force Kiev to negotiate with Moscow on the Kremlin’s terms.

NBN reports this with reference to Apostrophe.

The expert added that the “liberators” are actively using fake targets, creating them using radio-electronic struggle to divert air defense forces and discover their positions.

Speaking about reserves of missiles to repel enemy attacks, Zhdanov said that it cannot be said that Ukraine will face depletion of reserves. The expert said that Kyiv will receive 200 missiles from Great Britain, four EU countries are ordering 1000 for our country. In addition, several hundred missiles will be transferred by Japan, which for this purpose has changed the system of production and export of such weapons.

Zhdanov emphasized that the volume of military assistance to Ukraine may be reduced, but there will not be a critical situation.

Previously, the speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Yuriy Ignat, spoke about ammunition for air defense.

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