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The Russian Federation hit the Sumy region with air bombs: the OVA spoke about the consequences of the attack, reporting the deaths

On the night of Monday, February 26, Russian occupation forces struck KABs in the Sumy region. The regional military administration spoke about the consequences of an air strike by Putin's army in the region, reporting the deaths.

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Photo – screenshot from video

The press service of the Sumy OVA said that at 02:15 the troops of the Russian Federation dropped KABs on the Yunakovskaya community, four explosions were recorded . The department published footage of the consequences of the shelling, NBN reports.

The regional military administration noted that as a result of an air strike by Putin’s occupying forces on one of the settlements in the region, according to preliminary information, two people, spouses, were killed. In addition, the invaders destroyed one house and damaged five.

Previously, the Russian Armed Forces launched strikes in the Sumy region on February 20. In the morning, the occupiers used artillery and aviation to attack the region, and later shelled the village, which is located on the border with a terrorist state. As a result of the attacks, two people were killed and four were injured.

As reported, Budanov’s deputy Vadim Skibitsky assessed the capabilities of the “second army of the world” to launch a second offensive on the Kharkov region, Sumy region, Chernihiv region and Kiev region.

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