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The Russian Federation launched three missile strikes on Chernigov, authorities reported dead and wounded

On Wednesday morning, April 17, the Russian Armed Forces launched three missile strikes on Chernigov. The city leadership and the OVA reported the casualties and consequences of the shelling.

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The head of the Chernigov OVA Vyacheslav Chaus said that the Russian Armed Forces fired rockets at the city center three times in the morning. A video of the moment of the explosion was shown on the Internet, NBN reports.

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Acting Mayor of Chernigov Alexander Lomako clarified that the occupiers attacked the civilian and social infrastructure of the regional center with missiles. All responsible services are working at the site of the strikes, medical institutions are intensively treating the wounded.

Later, the city mayor announced that at the moment there are 8 dead and 18 injured as a result of the rocket attack. Rescuers continue the search operation.

The official added that the regional donation center in Chernigov needs blood, especially in negative Rhesus.

As of 11:30, 10 dead and 20 injured are known.

Recall that on April 12, Putin’s army launched an air strike on civilian infrastructure and the residential sector of Sumy. The OVA showed footage of the aftermath of the attack.

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