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The Russian Federation must feel the consequences of its actions – Zelensky reacted to the occupiers’ missile attack on Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Jan 2, 2024

Head of State Vladimir Zelensky commented on another missile attack by Russian troops on Ukrainian cities. The President reported on the consequences of the enemy strike, saying that the aggressor country must answer for its terrorist actions.

The Russian Federation must feel the consequences of its actions – Zelensky responded to the occupiers' missile attack on Ukraine

Photo – reuters.com

On Tuesday, January 2, the Ukrainian leader announced that more than 500 rescuers from the State Emergency Service, utility workers, police officers, and energy workers continue to eliminate the consequences rocket attacks on Kharkov, the Kiev region and the capital.

According to the president, at the moment there are 4 dead and 92 wounded as a result of a missile attack by the Russian Armed Forces, NBN reports.

Chapter The state noted that the air defense forces have been doing incredible work for the third day. Zelensky said that since December 31, the “second army of the world” has launched about 170 Shahed kamikaze drones and dozens of missiles into our country, most of which the occupiers directed at civilian targets.

The Ukrainian leader thanked the Western allies for strengthening our air defense, noting that this year Kyiv will continue to work to strengthen the air shield. The President said that the Russian Federation must feel the consequences of its terrorist actions.

Earlier, Zelensky commented on Moscow's signals of readiness for negotiations with Kiev on the end of hostilities.


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