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The Russian Federation struck Ukraine with Shaheds and missiles: the Air Force reported the results of air defense work

On the night of Monday, December 25, Putin’s occupation forces attacked Ukraine with kamikaze drones and missiles. The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported how many enemy targets the air defense managed to destroy.

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The press service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that last night the troops of the aggressor country attacked Ukraine with 31 kamikaze drones. The invaders released the Shaheds from Cape Chauda and the Balaklava region in the temporarily occupied Crimea. The air defense forces eliminated 28 drones, NBN reports.

It is reported that during the UAV attack, Putin’s occupation forces also struck our country with a Kh-59 guided missile and an Kh-31P anti-radar missile, which were were also destroyed by the defenders.

The Air Force added that in addition to this, the Ukrainian Armed Forces “negated” the Su-34 fighter-bomber in the Donetsk region and the Su-30SM multirole fighter over the Black Sea.

Recall that on December 22, the Defense Forces “demilitarized” three Su-34 fighters of the “second army of the world.” Speaker of the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Yuriy Ignat told in which areas the Russians will be able to say goodbye to their combat aircraft.

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