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The Russian Federation threatened the United States for its intentions to deploy long-range missiles in Germany

ByJohn Newman

Jul 11, 2024

The day before, on July 10, information appeared that by 2026 the United States plans to deploy long-range strike systems, including those equipped with hypersonic missiles, on German territory.

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Russia threatens the United States for its intentions to deploy long-range missiles in Germany

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The fact that the Kremlin will definitely prepare to develop a symmetrical response to the potential deployment of US missiles in Germany, writes NBN “, referring to a threatening statement voiced by the Deputy Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Ryabkova, published by Radio Liberty.

According to Ryabkov, who commented on the details of the published joint statement of the United States and Germany, such intentions of Washington and Berlin will supposedly become a new “link in the escalation course.”

At the same time, the official of the aggressor country predictably emphasized:

The military has undoubtedly already taken this message to work.


In addition, the “diplomat” pointed out the need for a preliminary analysis of information about the American weapons that will be deployed in Germany, since he does not even understand what specific systems we are talking about.

It should be noted that the deployment of long-range systems will be of an exclusively episodic nature and will be the first stage of preparation for the long-term deployment of SM-6 missiles, Tomahawk cruise missiles and the hypersonic variety of advanced long-range weapons (still at the development stage).

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