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The SBU revealed the amount of North Korean “ballistics” that the Russian Federation used against Ukraine

Representatives of the Security Service of our country were able to record numerous confirmations indicating attacks on civilian infrastructure (by a terrorist state) of Ukraine using North Korean Hwasong-11 (KN-23/24) ballistic missiles with long-range damage radius.

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About the fact that, according to the information of the investigative group, Putin’s army fired at the territory of Ukraine with more than 20 North Korean ballistic missiles, as a result of which at least 24 civilians were killed, and more than 100 individuals were killed— severe injuries, writes “NBN”, referring to the official page of the SBU.

Based on SBU data, for the first time the “liberators” used “ballistics” produced in North Korea, on December 30 last year, striking Zaporozhye.

The next attack with the ammunition described above was carried out by Putin’s army at the beginning of last month – after hitting an apartment building in the capital, 4 residents of Kiev were killed, and more than 50 more. ;— are still in a serious condition.

Also, the “second army of the world” hit residential buildings with “ballistics” in 5 settlements of the Donetsk region adjacent to the front line, as a result, killing 17 civilians.

In addition, Russian occupation forces launched North Korean missiles at private households in Kharkov, resulting in the death of 3 civilians and serious injuries to 60 city residents .

Earlier we wrote about how many ballistic missiles Iran provided to the Russian Federation.

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