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The situation in the Tauride direction: the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on the successes of the defenders at Avdeevka, Marinka and Rabotino

Despite the fact that over the past 24 hours, the invaders launched 36 missile and air strikes against the soldiers of our country’s Defense Forces, carried out 61 clashes and carried out 1,127 artillery attacks, the enemies failed to break the resistance of the defenders.

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About the successes of the Ukrainian military on the front line in the Zaporozhye and Donetsk regions, writes NBN, referring to the official Facebook account of the Tauride Defense Forces.

As it became known, over the past 24 hours: in the Avdeevsky direction, our soldiers were able to repel 9 enemy assaults in the vicinity of Lastochkino, Severny and Pervomaisky; in the Maryinsky direction, fighters of the Defense Forces do not stop holding back the invaders’ attempts to break through at Georgievka, Pobeda and Novomikhailovka—44 times the “liberators” unsuccessfully rushed into attacks; in the Zaporozhye direction—the enemy was driven back 8 times at Rabotino.

Also, the daily losses of the “second army of the world” amounted to:

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