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The State Department explained why Ukraine will not receive the “Israeli” level of support from the United States

A few days ago, Iran carried out a large-scale “retaliatory” attack on Israel, launching hundreds of missiles and kamikaze drones, which US, British and French forces helped shoot down.

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On the fact that Washington does not intend to “cover the sky” over Ukraine from air attacks by the Russian Federation, since it does not want to enter into a direct war with a terrorist state, NBN writes, citing the speaker’s statement US State Department by Matthew Miller, published by Voice of America.

According to Miller, the United States will not be able to take Ukraine under the protection of its forces and air defense systems, since it is not in a state of armed conflict with Russia, and does not want a “Third World War.”

In addition, the State Department speaker commented on the appeal of President Vladimir Zelensky regarding the potential provision of the same support by allies to Ukraine as to Israel, noting that he “fully understands” the Ukrainian leader, but Washington has formed “completely different relations” with Jerusalem .

In particular, Miller's direct speech:

Israel is a great ally of the United States, not a member of NATO. Ukraine is in a different position because we did not have such an agreement with it until the immediate months leading up to this [Iranian attack on Israel].

We have previously written about  that Nebenzya, in the UN Security Council, tried to justify Iran’s massive attack on Israel.

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