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The State Emergency Service spoke about the results of emergency rescue operations in Kyiv

ByJohn Newman

Jul 10, 2024

During the last tragic, tense and exhausting days, rescue specialists eliminated the consequences of the Russian attack on the capital of our country.

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Photo – t.me/dsns_telegram

About the fact that the Russian Federation has once again confirmed its status as a terrorist state by attacking On July 8, completely civilian objects – the Okhmatdit children's hospital and high-rise buildings in residential areas of the capital, writes NBN, referring to the official Telegram channel of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

As it became known, the “emergency workers” attracted dozens of units of special equipment to ensure the continuity of clearing the rubble to try to save every life. However, due to the enemy attack carried out by the “second army of the world” on July 8, 33 people (including 5 children) were killed in Kiev.

In addition, 121 people received injuries of varying severity ( Of these, 10 were children), and another 11 citizens were saved thanks to timely extraction from the rubble of buildings.

However, according to the head of the Kiev Regional Military Administration Sergei Popko, the number of victims of the occupiers has increased up to 34 people (as of 09:34 this Wednesday, 10 July).

We previously wrote about that Zelensky reported on the consequences of a large-scale missile attack on Ukraine 8&nbsp ;July.


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