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The storm has subsided: ATESH reported the redeployment of Russian Black Sea Fleet launch vehicles in Sevastopol (photo)

The day before, the OK “South” was informed that unfavorable weather conditions, or simply a storm, recorded over the past days in the Black Sea, forced the missile-carrying ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet to return to their bases, leaving only patrol boats monitoring security around military ports, but today the situation has changed.

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About the fact that agents of the partisan movement, monitoring the Black Sea fleet of the aggressor country, filmed the movements of ships not only near the sea coastal areas, but also in various bays of temporarily occupied Sevastopol, NBN writes, referring to Telegram channel “ATESH”.

According to representatives of “ATESH”, enemy ships are located in the Southern and Northern bays: here they noticed the movements of the 1st base minesweeper of the “12 700” project, 2 missile carrier ships on the hovercraft of Project 1239 of the Bora subtype, as well as the 1st frigate of Project 1135. In addition, the invaders relocated 3 more unknown ships to the local ship repair plant.

However, all of the above data has already been transferred to the Ukrainian Defense Forces, and, probably, the occupiers will soon face another “bavovna.”

We wrote earlier about that the ATESH partisans told what the invaders in Crimea are preparing for.

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